Artist:  Extreme Animals
Title:  I Gotta B Me
Label:  frequeNC records
Catalog Number:  004
Format:  12″ vinyl (400 copies + 200 copy repress)
Release Date:  2005

One of the musical manifestations of the influential American art collective, Paper Rad, Extreme Animals is Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman.  Now based in Pittsburg and San Diego and involved in art and music academia respectively, they met in high school in Chapel Hill.  Their music takes elements of noise, techno, pop and hip-hop with equal parts day-glow paint, talking stuffed animals and strobe light, puts them in a blender on maximum and removes the lid.  This record captures the ecstatic power of some of their essential early jams.  The first frequeNC record to be cut by Detroit legend, Ron Murphy, it’s topped off with 4 of Ron’s trademark locked loop grooves.

Screen printed jackets, Xeroxed inserts and rubber-stamped labels.

Cover design by Jacob Ciocci / Paper Rad.

A limited number are printed on black jackets instead of white (the “Destro Edition”).

Prices:  $6 wholesale / $9 domestic mailorder / non-US mailorder $13

a1 – extreme animals – garf’s nightmare

a2 – extreme animals – garf’s nightmare (midi version)

a3 – extreme animals – it’s time

b1 – extreme animals – still depressed

b2 – extreme animals – god jam

b3 – extreme animals – fanny pak attack

b4 – extreme animals – rap attack

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